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ATMs are one of the primary banking facilities for all bank customers. ATMs are usually installed at a branch to ease the pressure inside the branch by providing customers an alternative way to bank 24x7 This limits the queuing time and time spent by a customer inside the branch, therefore providing a faster and more convenient service to customers. Over-the-counter transactions are becoming less significant as time progresses and the banking industry is becoming more and more electronically driven. The different factors that have an influence on the performance of banking retail facilities i.e. ATMs are listed below:

  • 1. Accessibility
  • 2. Visibility
  • 3. Number of competitor Banks ATMs in the area
  • 4. Number of own bank's ATMs in the area
  • 5. Number of businesses in vicinity
  • 6. Nature of the locality and population
  • 7. Population Density