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We recommend and install only trusted software and the most reliable hardware on the market. Our software and hardware installation services guarantee your programs and equipment will function properly without any issues. While inconvenient, hardware and software installations needn't be disruptive to your business. Our trained engineers quickly and efficiently install selected software, hardware devices and peripherals on site, taking the pressure off our team and freeing them up to create business value.We finish the installation by providing on-site training for your team on daily operational tasks and delivering our standard documentation package. The training and documentation will prepare your team to maintain the system going forward. Software installation - Determine computer compatibility for, install/repair/upgrade or configuration of your software. Perform necessary software updates and security patches. Create a desktop, start menu and quick launch bar with access to the applications you use daily. Install and Configure operating systems, database and email servers. Hardware installation - Install internal or external PC components, such as graphics cards, hard drives or optical drives. Configure routers, switches, firewalls and any other networking equipment.