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Our Services

ATM Services Offered By Us

Site Repairs and Maintenance (SRMS)

ATM Parts Repair provides a comprehensive SCS Parts Repair. All Repairs come with our support from cradle to Grave Guarantee.

1-Parts Repair Per of Transaction. PRPT

Don’t want to pay for your Parts Repair? Parts Repair per Transaction PRPT Service is a option. We get pay when you get pay at the point of transaction, getting your parts on time every time

2-Repair Service Working Agreement. RSWA

RSWA Service the most popular utilizes service of the Supply Chain Services. Customer signing up to become a member of the RSWA Group are immediately entitle to:

3-Supply Chain Service Inventory. SCSI

SCSI Service provides our Customer with Management of your Service Parts Inventory including Repairs, Logistics and Warehousing.

4-Reverse-Forward Logistics-Fulfillment. RFLF

The RFLF Service, starts with PURCHASING of your INVENTORY in addition with the SCSI outsourcing Service. The Forward logistics provide Service Parts inventory to Service Technician with information for reverse logistics returning the defective parts to our Repair Lab.

5-Revenue Sharing Outsourcing Partner. RSOP

The RSOP Service, provides total outsourcing services:

  • 1. Parts Repair- Standard 5 Days, 1, 2, 24 and 48 Hours Expedited Repairs,       Exchange and Advanced Exchange.
  • 2. Repair Service Working Agreement
  • 3. Supply Chain Service – Inventory
  • 4. Reverse and Forward Logistics – Fulfillment
  • 5. Revenue Sharing Outsourcing Partner, including purchasing or assignment of Customer Service Parts Inventory.Field Service